So, you know how people say ‘show, don’t tell’? Well, that’s pretty much the guiding principle behind this blog.

As any writer (read: a person who self-identifies as a Writer and has attempted to Write Something) knows, there’s a lot more to ‘writing’ than just finding things to put on the page. There’s also all the times you can’t find anything worth writing no matter how hard you try. There’s the times you give up on your work in progress forever for five seconds and then come back with hitherto undiscovered reserves of energy. There’s repeating the same mistakes, coming to the same conclusions, and wondering if you’re actually capable of learning anything at all. There’s the times when you realise that you actually have a life outside of writing and that writing can’t actually fill the void all on its own.

Well, there’s my experience of it anyway, the only one I can speak of with any authority. I hope for this blog to serve as a case-study rather than an advice blog, something for people to take away what they will from, and an opportunity for me to externalise the process for my own peace of mind. It really does help. I would totally recommend keeping a blog if you’re a writer just for the sake of having a place to process things.

Except I don’t want to give advice if I can help it, and make myself seem like an authority on something I’m not – namely: how other people work. So, as you can see, I can’t promise that I’ll never give advice. But I can promise that if I’m giving advice, it’s only because it seems to be working for me at the time I give it.

Also I won’t swear. Well. No worse than anything you’d hear on Friends. Actually probably not even as bad as that. Forcing myself not to swear makes me think harder about what I’m saying. 

There will be lots of swearing, because writing is amazing.

And I think that’s everything.

Welcome to Vevacha, where I write about writing.

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