In under 3 hours – immediately after I finished writing the last post – I managed to write a 3,295-word scene, all based on a stupid gag I had about two months ago and liked the idea of.

This is working.

I mean, yes, it’s one writing session, based on one idea that I liked enough to explore. But this is still fairly new for me; often I don’t explore these ideas in writing, because I will tell myself that, in order to get to that moment in the story, all of this other shit has to come first, and if I don’t do that other shit first then I can’t get to that one moment that I’m interested in writing, because that would be irresponsible.

Whereas right now my opinion has changed to: motherfucker, I am a writer. Not writing is irresponsible. Anything else is just excuses.

So it may not be of a suitable sample size for scientific validity, but I feel like I’m off to a good start. And it even gave me other ideas that I can use for fleshing out the wider story. Shit works out sometimes.



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