Back to the Pack

My shitty YA werewolf novel is 844 words longer, and I think I’m finally on the home stretch.

It’s a sobering thought, the prospect of not having my MA to work on after the end of October. I need to be finished by then. I will be finished by then, in fact, because I literally don’t have the time to drag it out beyond that point. At the moment, I am taking this to be a blessing in disguise, because holy crap I could use a break.

Also because it’s something I don’t have to worry about; in fact, it’s something I can look forward to, and use as leverage to get myself to think about other stuff. Nanowrimo for one, but also … well, everything. I might stop with a Master’s and just do other shit for the rest of my life. I might continue with a PhD and keep teaching – I honestly do like teaching, quite a lot – now having slowly and begrudgingly come to the realisation that I can actually juggle academia and novel-writing at the same time. But the main point is that, come the end of October, I will have sooo much free time. My contract runs until the 30th of November, but most of that is going to be marking (which definitely is time-consuming, but does not require me to leave the house), not actually teaching, and definitely not thesis-writing. I’m going to be done with it, for better or worse, and onto the next thing.

At the moment, the “next thing” is also the last thing: the aforementioned shitty YA werewolf novel. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it once I’m finished – do I try and get it published? Do I self-pub just for the satisfaction? Do I post it up here for free, or maybe on Wattpad or something, more as an example of how this incredibly belaboured writing exercise of mine ended up turning out, for the other writers out there who might be curious? (And anyone else, of course.)

Well, gotta finish it first, and I think now that I’ve started eating into these last two, awkward-feeling chapters I’m just going to keep on eating until they’re gone. It’s a good feeling. A comforting feeling.

I’m going to be done. That’s a good feeling.


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