Got To Be Starting Something

I have started writing … something. I don’t know if it’s “for” Camp Nano July, but it’s happening. Mostly in notes, but not only in notes, and I’m happy about that.

I’m also happy that it’s really not good. Like part of what I’ve written is me talking to myself as I write, and that’s fine. This isn’t even a first draft; this isn’t even a zero draft. This is like a pre-zero prequel proto-draft. My biggest issue right now is that the story I have in mind is most effective in terms of how it looks in my head, rather than words I want to write, so hopefully I can put my brain to work on that front.

Regardless – it’s a thing, and it’s getting written. Colour me excited, whatever colour that might be. Hopefully an exciting one. More updates as they come.


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