Camp Nanowrimo 2016 Redux: 3506

I started today’s Camp Nano writing expecting that I would run out of steam after 800 words. 2705 words later, I’m fairly impressed with myself.

This chapter is coming together pretty well; it’s at a point where I could finish it and start the next one, but that really depends on whether I want to split the events I have yet to write into two chapters or keep them in a single chapter. Since it would go against my efforts to train myself out of editing as I go to go back and read over it to see if it ends at a natural stopping-point, I’ll have to try and intuit what the right thing to do is. But regardless, the point is that I am over 1k words ahead of schedule to win Camp Nano with my new and improved, way-reduced word count goal of 20k. And I’m even starting to kind of get back to the giddy excitement I had when I first started writing this thing.

But I think the main reason it feels different now is because this chapter is quite a different beast to the sorts of stories I’m used to borrowing tropes from. Nothing seems quite the right fit, at least nothing that has that “so bad it’s classic” feel to it. This chapter is actually reasonably original, or at least that’s how I feel about it right now. Time and wider reading will tell, obviously, but for the moment I’m pretty happy to break with tradition – if that is in fact what I am doing – and follow this to its own conclusion.

And even if it did take me until the final week of Camp Nano, it really is nice to be writing something that I actually enjoy writing.


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