Camp Nanowrimo 2016 Redux: 1824

It’s going okay.

So far, the chapter is flowing pretty well. The best part for me is seeing that in order to finish on time I only have to write about 2.5k words per day, as opposed to the just-under-3k I was anticipating. I am bad at math. But 2.5k words per day I think I can handle.

It’s been kind of interesting returning to this project after leaving it around the end of January; I kept trying until well into February but didn’t manage to get anything done. Coming back to it now isn’t quite as exciting, and I haven’t recaptured that sense of writing on the fly, winging it, pulling the story together without stopping to think about the parts I’m using, so long as they feel like they fit. So long as it feels like a story.

But, on the other hand, lately I’ve been feeling a return to the good old days, the very start of my “I’m going to be a Writer” career when I did write on the fly, but I was also interested in doing things my way rather than taking formulas that I was familiar with and building something out of that – at least not to the extent that I have been with this particular project. And this chapter is benefiting from a little bit of that, a touch of the idiosyncratic things I used to do and miss doing. I have spent a long time trying to follow the crowd, or at least what I perceive the crowd to be. I learnt a lot by doing that, and I think there’s still more to learn. But I also think I’ve spent too long trying to not do things my own way. And I think I can find a way to do both.

For now, though, I’m just going to finish this chapter. So far the exposition has been fairly easy to show-don’t-tell, if not at a particularly impressive reading-level. But that’s not the point, of course. It’s getting written, and considering that not too long ago I had pretty much resigned myself to leaving this story in its unfinished state and assuming that I would never be able to come up with a satisfying way to put the final pieces together, it goes to show that, when it comes to writing, you need to remember to take a break every once in a while.

Since I’ve got 1.8k words already, I think I’ll try and push it up to that 2.5k mark. I might rediscover whatever I tapped into when I first started writing it. But if not, at least it’ll be more words. And with a first draft, that’s really the only thing that matters.


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