Camp Nanowrimo 2016: 1915

Well, that worked. I could actually easily make it even less info-dumpy, but it’ll do for now. It might actually be a good thing to leave it this way so that I’ll have something fun to do when I come back to revise it.

The point is that, 1915 words later, I have my momentum back and I like where it’s taking me. I need to write an average of over 4k words per day to hit my word count goal of 60k, but I might readjust that to something closer to 40k, just so that I can actually get it done. Or even 30k, and make it a “part one” kinda deal, and finish the other 2 parts in the following months. I don’t know if I’ll want to write this book for that long though, so for now I’ll keep my word-count at what it is and just bite the bullet if I don’t win Camp Nano. The whole point here is to write quickly. Tonight I got my speed back, so now I just need volume to back it up and we’re in business.

It’s interesting – and frustrating – to work with characters you don’t really know very well. One of my main characters is already a walking cliche, the sensitive, thinks-he’s-been-scorned-but-really-hasn’t “nice guy”, while the other one is the supposed scorner, his former best friend and current crush – a girl, because when you write fast you keep things normative, or I do anyway – and at the moment she has precisely zero personality. That might be because she’s the info-dump character as well, at least for this chapter. Either way it bothers me, and while I know there’s plenty of time to fix things during the revision process it’s just … disheartening. I’d like to think I could expect a little more from myself, even in the first draft stage. But I guess if I’m being honest this story really is more about the concept than the characters, and I’ll just have to roll with it.

And at least it is rolling along, and it’s getting a little bit exciting. I’m hoping that this is a sign that I’ve forced myself over the hump and that from here on out, whatever my issues with this project are, momentum will not be one of them.


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