Writing is Good

This post is what it says on the tin: writing is awesome.

Also, for the foreseeable future, I will be re-instating my no-swearing policy on this blog. Not because I’m suddenly interested in being family-friendly, but because I’m interested in carefully considering what I want to say and how I want to say it. And sometimes that absolutely involves swearing, but if it doesn’t have to, well, I think I can explore those linguistic possibilities a lot more than I generally do.

I wrote some more connective tissue of my shitty YA werewolf story, and if I do decide to go ahead with the sequel for Camp Nanowrimo, I at least want this first draft to be finished first. In practical terms I should wait until I’ve also revised it, as there’s already a few standout elements that I want to emphasise differently than it currently stands. Also I just want the satisfaction of seeing this project through to completion. I think the original purpose of this project has been lost and would be better served with an entirely new project, and I have one in mind. But there’s still something I can get out of this project. I really like it in its own right, and even if I don’t submit it for publishing or whatever I would like to polish it up and give it the chops I think it has the potential to have as a story, rather than just a writing exercise.

And, I mean, I could submit it for publishing. You never know.

Gotta finish it first, though. Let’s see if I can’t recapture some of that hack-writer magic that made it so enjoyable the first time around.


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