Unexpected Results

So I had supervision today and apparently my revised chapter actually works really well – just a few more revisions and I can finally move on to the next chapter and still not be doing any creative writing yaaaaaaaaay …

No but seriously, I’ve learnt a lot of good things from this whole intensive, pre-emptive all-nighter phase. The best thing I learnt is that all-nighters are fucking awful and that even if it is the night before it’s due, it’s better to actually go to sleep for a few hours, let your brain rest, and thus avoid the diminishing returns that are inevitable by trying to force an over-tired brain to operate as though it isn’t tired.

Or maybe it’s that working really consistently is fucking awesome. Because it is. And that’s good because I’m gonna need to be doing a lot of that over the next month and half-a-week before the first draft of the next chapter is due, because alongside that I would actually like to get this goddamn Nano novel finished before February. I mean I started it in July last year. The Nano push was really helpful, but it’s definitely petered off, especially with this latest round of revision. But then again, having focused so intently on that chapter has taught me that I have it in me to work really hard, which means I can work really hard on my Nano novel as well. Transferable skills, people. Use them well.

I think I might be starting to understand how those high-power, doing-a-million-things-at-once people manage to do those million things at once: they commit to them. It seems that the trick to making things happen is to commit to doing them. Who would have thought.

It’s kind of like pokemon evolution: I started out thinking “the way to get things done is to do them”, which works. And now I’ve gone one step further, which is “if you commit to getting things done, you get a lot done”. I’ve gone from Bulbasaur to Ivysaur. I always thought Venusaur was underrated, so I’m looking forward to level 32.

It’s actually a bit daunting to start working on a new chapter of this thesis; I’ve been on this one for the past … what, four months? Five? It’s ridiculous. I just want to continue polishing this chapter forever and make it perfect, and once I’ve done that make it even perfecter. Which means it probably is time for me to move on. My supervisor pointed me in a very generative direction today and, while it’s kinda killed the dream I’ve had for what I could do with this thesis, it’s also opened up a lot of new possibilities that I hadn’t considered and that I do actually want to explore. You lose some you win some I guess.

I also guess tomorrow is going to have a lot of reading, some writing of thesis and hopefully a lot of writing of my now post-Nano novel. There’s so much I could do with it to make it interesting, especially since I’ve decided that, if I do get the opportunity to do a PhD, I’m gong to be looking at werewolves. I’m not going to do any of those things. This isn’t supposed to be interesting. It’s supposed to be written, and it still isn’t. Though I do think the time off I’ve been forced to take while working on this chapter will be beneficial in giving me some perspective and keeping me from trying to be clever.

For now, though, I may not have pulled a proper all-nighter yesterday but I still have some sleep to catch up on.


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