All I Want for Christmas is Words

Specifically, I want words to be added to the sum total of words contained within my various word-consisting-of projects, such as my MA and my shitty YA werewolf novel/writing exercise/vaguely-defined narrative ritual. Probably not today, because today is Christmas and family stuff happens on Christmas. But the day after that, definitely. Especially since that’s going to be the day that I have 10 days left to finish revising my MA chapter, and by “finish” I mean the other thing.

I have gone for a good nine years just really relishing Christmas when it rolls around, and that’s starting to wear off. It feels like an omen of one chapter of my life ending and another beginning, one where something else makes me all nostalgic and pleasantly wistful – or where I move on from such things altogether and find other forms of emotional sustenance. Either way, I think creating habits that make me feel empowered and invigorated is going to be the best present I can hope for.

Whatever it is you’re celebrating around this time of year: go with love, peace and fulfillment, and thanks for reading.


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