Nanowrimo 2015: 6020 …

… and counting.

I didn’t win Nanowrimo. I can’t physically write fast enough to close the gap; 5k words in 5 minutes is … a tad beyond my current abilities.

But in a way, I prefer it this way. It gives me something to look forward to.

And it also lets me focus on this story, instead of trying to win a badge.

And what I’m finding is that I actually do like this story.

It was supposed to be a writing exercise. I adored it as a writing exercise. And even though I’m still writing it as I would a writing exercise, it’s just so rewarding that I can’t help but appreciate it more than any writing exercise I’ve ever done before. I might just keep this one.

I might even submit it for publishing.

But for the time being, to everybody else who took part in Nanowrimo this year: well done. Whether you met your goal, got some of the way there or just dabbled; whether you did as much as you wanted, less than you hoped or lost interest partway through, the important thing is that you gave it a shot, that you did something. It’s not supposed to be “write for a month”, after all; it’s supposed to be “write intensively for a month”. You can – and should – keep writing long after Nanowrimo, and I advise to not treat it as a separate experience from your overall writing journey, but a noteworthy event that makes up part of it, one that you can include the lessons that you learnt during it in the broader scope of your writing because, at the end of the day, it’s just another part of your writing process.

So congratulations to everybody who took part, whatever stage you finished at. You’re writing. And that’s what counts.


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