Boredom ritual

I have nothing to follow that up with, except to say that I really need to get me one of those.

And that’s pretty much it. I tried to write something today but all that came out were notes; there’s still plenty of daylight left (okay maybe not plenty it is winter here), and I’m going to try and devote the next however many minutes it takes to getting really fucking bored. No music – I’m realising that I use music to keep myself “engaged” in the same way that I use World of Warcraft to feel “engaged” – no videogames, no little notepad to scribble shit down in, no phone, even though it is totally blowing up and I will be letting literally millions of people down by not immediately responding to their textual communications. Just go and sit somewhere and just sit somewhere. I need to get incredibly fucking bored.

I mean do I need to feel like doing something to do it? No, I don’t, but …

This is getting too deep; boredom now, thinking later. If it works I’m sure you’ll hear about it.


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