Wonder Woman Annual #1 by Meredith and David Finch

For those who don’t know – and since I’ve only written about it once or twice, that’s probably most of you – Wonder Woman is my favourite superhero, hands-down. That’s thanks to Gail Simone’s run from 2008-2010, the first run of the series I ever read. It’s about character for me, and from what I’ve read since then she definitely gave Wonder Woman not just a distinct personality but also the spotlight in her own stories. I was therefore thoroughly infuriated by the regressive, misogynistic bent that the New 52 relaunch kicked off, and it sounds like it’s gone from bad to worse since the Finches took over. I therefore very much appreciate this review/critique for spelling it out so succinctly, though it sounds like the comic in question makes the case for its own dismissal pretty well on its own.


Amidst the ongoing debate about representation in comics it is worth reading the first arc of Meredith and David Finch’s run on Wonder Woman that recently came to a conclusion in Wonder Woman Annual #1. This arc is especially important as a coda to Azzarello’s rewriting of the Amazon Princess’s origins, an event that DC referred to as “mythos expanding”, but in fact was nothing of the sort. Although Azzarello’s story was very well written, accompanied by great artwork from Cliff Chiang, the change was more mythos reducing, as the fatherless–and thereby feral and rogue–Amazon was rather predictably brought into the fold of heterosexual and patriarchal normativity (a story I’ve written about in an earlier post below). Azzarello also bequeathed Meredith Finch the problem that Wonder Woman was now the god of war, as well as the ludicrous scenario of having returned all the exiled Amazonian sons (now men) to…

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