So it’s NOT writer’s block

Just a short one for today; I’m trying to get my monthly views back up to what they were earlier this year because I am an incredibly needy and insecure person, but I found a quote from this interview, which I looked up because I loved the quote, and just thought I’d share it with y’all.

When you feel unable to write, instead of trying some behavioral approach, like forcing yourself to write every day, consider instead trying to figure out who in your past has tried to silence you, and what liberation there might be in telling them to go fuck themselves – which is what the act of writing is. I don’t know a single writer who didn’t feel significantly silenced in their youth, and it’s that early silencing, I’m convinced, that shuts some of us down. Most of us don’t fail to write because we have bad habits. We fail to write because we aren’t sure that we are entitled to. Figuring out if that’s true of you can be a big step. And then getting angry is the next healthy step. . . Then write something down.”

I’m going to try that today, because I know exactly who that person is for me and, consequently, exactly how liberating it would be to tell him to go fuck himself. Through doing so, I may also find that other people or experiences have silenced me as well, and that they are also ripe for being told to go fuck themselves. And I actually wonder if this is why I’m finding it so easy yet so personally confronting to write my werewolf thing, if that’s what I’m doing by writing it, and what’s coming out in my writing is all the stuff that I feel like I’m not allowed to say. I wonder what else I’ll discover I think I’m not allowed to say.

Writing is such fun.


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