Holy crap it worked: Tallulah’s Progress P4/My 401st Post

I’ve made 400 posts on this blog – and now, 401. Hard to believe. There’s a part of me that really hopes I can finish this blog with 500 posts exactly, and part of me that thus worries I’ll somehow sabotage my writing process in order to make it fit that quota. I doubt very much that it will happen. But it would be a nice coincidence. Once again, thanks for reading guys.

I went back and re-wrote that chapter, up to the point I’d rewritten the other night, and it felt so much better. It felt at least close to the way I wanted it to feel, a bit snarkier, a bit more self-deprecating, but also a bit more robust and energised. And I think the dark parts (you bet my book starts off with the dark stuff) are more … pointy. Prickly. Kinda like when you accidentally stab yourself on a thorn while picking a rose. Rose-picking is something people do nowadays, right? That metaphor has relevance?

The dark parts have more of an effect, is what I mean. And it’s not all dark, some of it is just awkward or confrontational, but it all benefits in the same way. My one worry is that I glossed over a dark part instead of approaching it head-on, but I also really didn’t know what I was going to write so, all things considered, I’m very pleased with this first attempt to re-imagine Tallulah.

Now to write the rest of the book, haaa …

But I’m getting a bit excited again. This new tone opens up certain possibilities that I hadn’t considered until now; some of them go against my mission statement of pursuing the original version of Tallulah that I felt I copped out of exploring in my first draft, but being excited about something doesn’t mean you have to act on it. It can just serve as a source of excitement to be used for something else. Autonomy is a wonderful thing.

And also, my “mission statement” wasn’t to literally go back and try to turn the very first formulation of Tallulah as a story into a fully-fledged story, because it’d be a pretty shit story. It was to do away with the “superhero origin story” vibe that was starting to dominate the manuscript, while at the same time not being implemented well enough to make for a well-told superhero origin story. And I’m confident that I’m going to accomplish that. Things feel more solid and consolidated with this story than they have in a long time, maybe ever.

This is a completely new stage in my writing process with Tallulah, not just extending the stuff I’ve been doing and trying to do up to this point. This feels like the start of something good. I’m looking forward to the rest of it.


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