For starters: Tallulah’s progress P1

Well, I said I’d write something today, and that I’d write about what I’d written today … today – so, here it is:

I copy-pasted the current Chapter 1 from one folder to another one – and then, because I felt like switching it up, found an alternate Chapter 1 that I wrote near the end of last year and used that one instead. Now I have set myself up to use certain material from the “real” Chapter 1 in what will now be Chapter 2.

I think this is … good.

For one thing, the reason I wrote that alternate Ch1 was because it was a bit too busy for what it needed to be. This one is perhaps too sparse, but at least the stuff that happens – in particular the introduction of the two central characters – is what needs to be focused on from the very beginning of the story. I know I can write it better, and I will, but for now it’s enough that it’s there, ready to be worked on at a later date.

For another, the stuff that I cut out works better as content for a follow-up chapter, introducing supporting characters and getting things rolling after the momentum generated by the first chapter. The deluge of characters makes sense in a Chapter 2 – or at least more sense than it does in a Chapter 1 – for this sort of story. At least that’s how I’m justifying it to myself; I think I’m right. Only time will tell.

So basically my “writing” today consisted of copy-and-pasting, but you know what? That requires real brainpower. You have to be sure that what you’ve copy-and-pasted is appropriate, which I totally am. Not. Oh god what have I done I need to go back and fix it why did I leave it so late why did tonight have to be Easter Family Dinner Night this means I can’t do my workout either because I’m so fucking full why why whyyyyyyyyyyyy

Also I spent money on digital trading cards today whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

But fuck it, because I’ve got momentum now. I made the first move, and the game is afoot. There’s no turning back from here. This is the beginning. Again. I’ve been here before; it’s familiar territory. And I remember that the last revision I did took way longer than I hoped, but was also over and done with way quicker than I expected. I have two weeks “free” from uni, and if I can get even half the stuff done that I expect I can get done in 2 weeks, I will be a delighted writer indeed.

All right. A start. That’s all I need.

Now for all the rest of it.


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