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So I’ve been doing writing lately. Writing what? Notes, mostly, though also incrementally advancing a couple of stories. None of them have gripped me enough to make me want to carry on through with them, and I think there’s something in that. I have gotten pretty good at developing nice, solid premises in a very short amount of time, but what I’ve recently learnt is that I don’t want to follow through. It’s just … too easy. This from the guy who keeps saying how much he loves convention; look, I do love convention, but thus fat I don’t love writing it through to completion. And I think it’s simply because the ideas that make me want to write are the ideas that only come afterwards, the ones that come after you start writing the damn thing and getting a feel for it in practice. So notes and incremental advancements in several projects is fine with me.

Also writing statistics and abilities for units in a real-time-strategy game I will possibly turn into a board game because I have no connections, money or technical know-how to turn it into a videogame.

It’s all writing. It all counts.

I have been in a slump though; not a writing slump, just a general slump that affects my writing as well, because that’s what slumps do. Thankfully I had a Neil Gaiman article pop up on facebook and tell me that he recommends getting bored in order to get inspired and, like, yeah, it works really well. I know this from experience. I need to go do that. It’s so easy to keep ourselves interested nowadays, with umpteen social media platforms always accessible so long as we have internet access, mobile gaming, music, texting … it’s so hard to get bored. And boredom is vital for creativity, for motivation. It lets you tap into your most urgent motives, in ways you may never have considered – including the most direct way. Some people don’t consider that.

So in the interests of getting away from social media dependence, I’m making a concerted effort to get through all of the books from The Book Depository that I have not yet read. I want to have them all read before semester starts; hell, I want to have them all read before February. And I’m going to write about them as well. I don’t know if the word “review” is going to be relevant; I guess I’ll see when I get around to it.

Plans are good.

The books are, in order of my seeing them on my bookshelf (not in the order I will read them, because I don’t know what order that will be):

  • P.C. Hodgell, The God Stalker Chronicles
  • Garth Nix, Clariel
  • Kristen Cashore, Graceling
  • Tamora Pierce, Alanna
  • Kelley Armstrong, Bitten
  • Lev Grossman, The Magician’s Land

I’m a little surprised there aren’t more …

Hodgell gets done first simply because I’m already reading it. It’s still good, and it’s making me want to know what happens next, not because I’m “hooked” but because I actually care. It’s been a while since I felt this way for a story, and I’m grateful for it.

Part of me also wants to finally get around to writing that Vampire Academy review, but … it’s just been so long, and my opinions have changed since I finished the series. I feel like I’d have to talk about the whole series. Which I could well do. But not anytime soon.

So yeah. That’s my tentative plan to get back to boredom, weaning myself off social media by reading books that I paid money to own instead of being a smart person and getting them from the library. And I’ll keep writing my stuff and see where it goes, if anywhere.



2 thoughts on “Other things

  1. Actually, you do have a connection to a game programmer (through me). Unfortunately he is a little preoccupied right now with his own game, and needs to make some money off that before thinking about other things! But anyway, just so you know 🙂

    • A good point, I did actually briefly think of that but, as you say, they are (very rightly) working on their own things and I would feel quite presumptuous to ask them to indulge in a passion project of mine :p maybe once I can pay them or something!

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