Have you ever had the problem where you can’t decide what to write? Because whatever you pick, it’ll also be the decision to not write X other thing you could be writing?

I have had this problem many times, but I think today is the first time I was excited about it.

Basically I’m spoilt for choice. Knowing that I will actually sit down and write today, that this is a certain thing, I now don’t know what to use to fill this guaranteed-successful-writing slot. I could push any one of my flagging projects a little further along its own path; I could even fire up Tallulah again, though I still think it needs more time to settle – but the point is that I could make anything work today. And by “work” I mean “have its word-count increased”, and that is perhaps the best definition of “work” I could hope to actualise.

So yeah. Excited. And I also have a job interview workshop to go to before I get around to writing so I’ll have something else to focus on before I make any real decisions. I mean yeah sure I’ll possibly develop a life-skill before I start writing for the day, but who doesn’t?

Writing is a life skill. And as it turns out, it’s a social skill as well. Never would have seen that coming.


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