New words written of a novel draft today, that is. Awesome.

am enjoying it; thanks for asking. I may have gotten rid of the capital initial on my “writer” label, but damned if I don’t still like doing the actual writing when the mood takes me. Or, in this case, when I make myself sit down and actually do it. Both can work, as it turns out. If one isn’t working for you – just try the other.

This is the gender-bent Twilight project, and no it’s not a straight-up gender-flipped version of Twilight; the story is (at least superficially) different and there are no vampires or werewolves. The specifics are different. Though like Meyer I am taking inspiration from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I think I’m doing it slightly better.

Best of all, while the specifics came out differently on the page than how they were arranged in my head, the core structure came out the same and works just as solidly as I hoped it would, and that’s the main thing. I can’t help but write my every protagonist as an introspective sad bastard when I begin writing – well, anything, and that does things to the tone that don’t necessarily work. It also means that if I ever change the characterisation because the character isn’t meant to be an introspective sad bastard it’ll be jarring and come out of nowhere, or be because of a random piece of character-development that won’t make it into the final revision because it’s only there to disguise the first draft’s inconsistent characterisation. But that’s for revision to take care of. Right now I can gleefully weave in and out of characterisation to my heart’s content – or, more specifically, not give a damn about whether I’m doing it or not and just write sequences of words in accordance with an overarching structure to organise them by. The words themselves don’t necessarily matter, so long as they convey that overarching structure.

I might finish this in a month; I might never finish it. At this juncture, I hope I do. 2249 words isn’t much to judge a book by, but this could easily become very enjoyable to write, even without the intention of finishing it. I’ve never tried writing a book like this before, but I do have a few writing projects that I intermittently come back to and continue without any specific end goal in sight. The thing is, one day I may well actually finish one of them, reach a point that feels like a good cut-off point and … cut it off.

We’ll see. Right I’m happy to just see.


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