December first

Got together with my friend and managed to get 1015 words written on my now post-Nano project. Not too shabby. She couldn’t write as she had to teach herself how to use excel for a job interview – and she did, in under an hour. I hope she gets the job.

Now to see if I can’t write another 1k words tomorrow, and the day after that, and after that, and so on and so forth until it’s finished. Because I’m trying to only write key scenes and just cut straight to the chase I probably won’t need too many words. If I can get in, say, 1.5k words per day on average, then by the end of December I’ll have a 50k-ish-word draft to play around with if I so desire.

I have decided, though, that since Christmas is coming up and I already have a Christmas-themed book that I finished the first and only draft of in … 2008? Six years ago, man … well, I still want to write it, and while I probably won’t revise it or anything until Tallulah is done (or whatever I decide to push for publishing), I do think it’s a good time to revisit it. I even have a hard copy; I may actually have more than one. Maybe one of them doesn’t have notes written in the margins, which would be great.

And since I finally finished Vampire Academy a couple of days ago, I ran out of excuses to not read one of the ten or so books I’ve owned for a year or two and haven’t read yet. I started one this morning and just ran out of energy because it was, like, the morning and shit. Also it’s … high fantasy. I hear good things about it, but … yeah. I still have Clariel sitting on the shelf awaiting my attention, so maybe I should be using up what high fantasy tolerance I have left on that. But I did buy this two years ago, so I kinda feel like I owe it first place in line. And then Alanna, which looks incredibly short and should be a one-day affair with my reading speed …

And I don’t know what else to do but find things to read right now. I think I’m bumping up against the end of my WOW tolerance as well, which is probably just as well. I do think I’ll come back to it every now and then, but really the one thing I’ve never had with WOW was other people to play with, and that’s supposedly the entire point of the game. And having said that, while I would probably have more fun playing with other people, I don’t know how long I’d want to play WOW anyway. It has been fun, but a month or two seems to be about my limit. I can’t say that’s a sad prospect.

Especially seeing as I wanna do so much other stuff over the break, too, all of which requires time to be spent on doing it. After this post-Nano project I want to put something out on YouTube, just to have it there. I want to get back into exercise now that my back is less fucked than it was a few days ago; I want to make myself spend at least ten minutes a day on the guitar until I can strum really basic-ass tunes with ease; I want to make myself draw something every day. I want to get through this backlog of books, start doing light research for my potential research project for my second and final semester of Honours study in March, and find a way to study/work, write my books and have time to actually enjoy life all at once.

But first I need to get through December. Which is pretty much devoted to writing this post-Nano project through to completion. I probably could handle a few more things on my plate, but I want to make sure I can actually handle this first. Then we’ll be cooking with fire.

Or electricity. It is 2014 after all.

Not for much longer though … and a whole bunch of really big movies are coming out next year, too. There’s something to look forward to that requires absolutely zero effort on my part. I like that.


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