Nanowrimo adventures: and then all the cool shit happened

Like, seriously, these are magic words. Write them or some variant thereof in all caps whenever you get stuck and, lo and behold, you are unstuck, because literally nothing you write afterwards can compare to the sheer level of tone-dissonance of randomly dropping that into your book out of the blue.

I mean I don’t have the energy or focus to follow it up now, but having put it there I can’t go wrong when I get started again tomorrow. Later this morning. Whatever.

I have also discovered that, actually, I don’t like Slipknot. I like a couple of their songs and find Corey Taylor endearing, specifically the cover of “Dead Or Alive” he does, which I think is the best version of the song that exists.

This is important information.

I think once I get going with this “and then all the cool shit happened” thing this project will actually get off the ground. I’m rather excited about this prospect. I think once the story actually begins it’ll kind of write itself. I’m also not sure why I have a first chapter that is not, apparently, part of the story. But these are not the kinds of things one worries about during a zero draft. One worries about getting anything at all actually, physically written during a zero draft, and whether it’s any good or not can yes how many times have I said this now just FUCKING WRITE.

It’s going well. I was stuck, and now I am not. It’s going well.



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