I wrote words in two years

So it seems I’ve had this blog for 2 whole years today.

I’m kind of amazed I lasted this long.

I also even did some writing for Nano today, at long last – not a lot of it, but I’ve realised that I need to take baby steps before I start getting antsy about not writing 3k words every day. Let’s try 300 and see how that works out.

And I really don’t know what to say about having been here for 2 years, except to thank all of you for following along, whether you’re new to the blog or have been here since the beginning, and that while I don’t necessarily understand why you find the translation of my mind-dumps and existential crises into prose appealing, I am very grateful that you do. I hope, if you’re a writer or an artist or anybody who struggles and over-thinks in general, that it’s been useful in some way, whether as a cautionary tale or an acknowledgement that you most definitely are not alone. And if it’s just something to read, then that’s great too.

Here’s to more writing about writing, because by now there’s not much point trying to change things. I’m committed; rants, more rants and the occasional book critique 4evar.


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