It begins (at the end of 2014)

I have handed in my final essay of the year. I am this close to actually finishing the Vampire Academy review/critique I started over a year ago. And I just created my Nanowrimo novel.

Things are getting done around here. What even the hell is this.

… no seriously this is nice. It’s 3:34 a.m. and I’m more productive and intentional than I’ve been almost all this year, at least without the addition of an unhealthy and self-inflicted metric fuckton of stress to go along with it. I am actually looking forward to the end-of-year break from study because I know I’m going to take advantage of it, because I’ve got something to do with it. Something that I want to do, at that.

It’s almost like I’m slowly developing as a person or something. I guess stranger things have happened.


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