The plan I’ve got for revision is very simple, but maybe too simple, because it’s so easy to just tweak things here and there and come up with a whole new revision plan. So I did that for the last hour.

I’m totally not procrastinating or anything.

I swear part of the reason I can’t focus on this revision is because I’m so used to browsing everything rather than engaging with it deeply; all the facebook checks, the tumblr scrolling, the youtube browsing have taken their toll on my mental patterns and developed new habits. It’s so bad that just now I tried to earnestly imagine what it would be like to not have that nagging compulsion to perform all of these check-ups and it was so peaceful. So tomorrow I want to just sit down, watch my movies and read the two books I got out of the library, and then do some actual goddamn revision.

I really do want to. Maybe I’ll go to bed early tonight as well so that I wake up super-early and feel like I have more time.

I just want to get moving again.

I hate being stuck in this cycle of having great ideas and then just letting them sit and collect dust while I browse the hours away, wishing I was being more productive.

And it can’t be that hard to stop.



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