You know what?

All of those lessons I keep learning over and over again, reinforcing my belief that I never actually learn anything?

I’m gonna act like I’ve learnt something instead.

In other words: I’m going to take those revelations and turn them into actions.

First: I’m going to revise a part of my novel that doesn’t directly chronologically follow what I’ve revised thus far. I’m going to go from A straight to C. I’m going to do it, so that I can at least act like I’ve damn well learnt something new.

After that, I’m going to re-assess what’s at the core of this story so that I know what to look for in this revision.

I’m also going to re-read the manuscript, one last time, because at the moment the revision plan that I have gets about a third of the way through the story and then cuts off abruptly. No notes, just like last time. And no breaks (for longer than half an hour). I’m going to sit down and read the entire thing in one day.

I know there’s a bunch of other things that I’ve learnt and re-learnt over the years that I can’t remember right now, but when I do, it’s going to be my mission to put them into action. Because quite often, when I have these revelations, I don’t act on them, and perhaps that’s why I never learn anything from them.

It’s worth a try, right?


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