Nothing compares 2 u

Oh god it feels so GOOD to be writing again.

I’ve written perhaps 2k new words, shifted structurey stuff around and updated some prose; I’m trying really, really freaking hard to put words down and not edit them as I go, and it’s not working, but I’m still trying anyway. I may finish for the night; I may not. I’ve made quite a lot of progress. There’s one bit I’m thinking I’ll end up changing back to the way it was before but mostly this feels really, really right. And also I just got a one-week extension on the book review I was supposed to hand in next Wednesday so that means I get to spend more time with my precious story I love it so much I am enjoying this so much this feels so good it is GETTING DONE FUCKING CHRIST AFTER 8 MONTHS OF HAVING NO CLUE WHAT TO DO IT IS FINALLY MOVING THINGS ARE HAPPENING AND STUFF AND I HAVE A FUCKING STORY TO TELL AND I AM TELLING ITTTTTTTTTTTT

So yeah relatively pleased with how things are progressing thus far, will keep you guys posted moving forward.


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