Making work for myself

I just made the first decision of draft 2.

I just decided that I’m going to have to rewrite something.

I am way too fucking excited about this.

I’m not sure if I’m excited because I finally made a decision and it feels right – it does – or because I’ve always been frustrated with not having a daily word-count to measure my progress with since I finished the zero draft and this is a return to sanity, or because I just really miss writing …

But I’m excited, and it does feel right, and I also have to write a book review but I’m going to write this goddamn chapter because I am SO FUCKING EXCITED and such excitement and positivity should not go to waste!

I made a freaking decision. I killed a darling and absorbed two, perhaps three or even four chapters into one chapter and it just feels right, it feels like there’s a fucking story taking place now where things actually happen and they even matter and oh my GOD I’M SO FUCKING STOKED

I want to make more decisions. They feel good. I may possibly be drunk with power.

And it feels so goooooooood


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