Keep on keepin’ on

I wrote that synopsis of an alternative version of Tallulah and I’m glad I did, and surprise surprise, I prefer my manuscript.

It’s actually better. There’s a few gaping holes, but it’s closer to the story I want to tell than the thing I spent most of yesterday writing, and the thing I spent most of yesterday writing wasn’t bad. It just strays really far away from what I’m interested in at a few crucial junctures, and while there’s some cool character stuff early on it’s also very simplistic, and I’m not here to be simple. Plus it devolves into yet more action about two-thirds of the way through and anyway the point is that it was something I needed to do, and I did it, and I’ll actually probably go back and polish it up to make it work better because there is some stuff there that I could develop and put to good use.

So the moral of the story is: drop what you’re doing and indulge when the mood strikes you, even if it means deviating from The Plan. You’ll come back to your Plan with even more clarity of purpose, and that can only ever be a good thing.

And having said that: I’ve screwed up my Plan and need to go back and do it over again.

Thank Huginn and Muninn it’s the weekend.

It’s also the first day of the seventeen I’ve got left before semester starts, so I really need to …

Actually, no, I don’t need to motor. I just need to keep going. I managed to keep going last semester, and this semester I have an entire day free every week, so I’ll be fine.

I spent too much time criticising my manuscript instead of recording the events that happened, and that was the entire point to begin with: mapping character-arcs. Yes, there’s plenty to criticise. Plenty. Some of this stuff is so ridiculous I’m amazed it’s part of the same story; and this is new stuff, too. This was a really good idea, because isolating specific character interactions and charting their progress really highlights how many issues there are with characterisation and continuity – not to mention the points in the book where characters are just kind of forgotten about.

The synopsis I wrote certainly kept track of all the characters better and incorporated them into the story more, and that part of it was incredibly helpful to me. It also altered one of the core aspects of the plot and … I think it works okay? I’d need time to adjust to it but it opens up a lot of neat possibilities as well as closing a lot of glaring flaws. Essentially that synopsis was a response to all of the plot-holes and the lack of ‘tightness’ that the current manuscript contains, but for what it could be I really do prefer what I’ve written to what I could hypothetically write.

I guess those lemons came in handy after all …


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