Lists solve everything

Or, to be more precise, Scrivener’s ‘collections’ function solves my specific issue.

I was going to go through the whole story chapter by chapter in order to try and chart the arcs of the characters, but then realised that, because I’m using Scrivener, I can just take every chapter where X character features and put it into a collection, reading every instance of X character appearing as a compiled, single document.

I love Scrivener.

However, I’m not actually sure that this helps me in any respect. For one thing, it’s not like it helps much in terms of getting a strong sense of how each character arc works in the context of the whole story, and for another, like I said last time, I just feel like it might be better to let myself forget certain things – if they were important then surely I’d remember them, right?

But on the other hand, people forget important things all the time, and just because something seems important doesn’t mean it’ll help to tell a good story. And I mean the devil’s in the details. You can have whatever basic, overarching themes of whateverthehell you like, but it’s the particulars that give those themes life, flesh them out and speckle them with intrigue – or cause everything to fall flat on its proverbial face. And the little details aren’t always remembered.

And all of this is, ultimately, speculation, and that’s actually never gotten me anywhere. I either don’t ever make a note of that or I just don’t care because I like speculating for its own sake or as a security measure in case of something or I don’t even know. I’m gonna try it, and if all that’s waiting for me at the end of this procedure is the brick wall I feel looming in the distance then at least I’ll know for sure, instead of just speculating about it.

Hey, if nothing else, I got to make a list.


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