Free to do

Yesterday I picked up eight Wonder Woman comics, or at least eight comics that pertained to Wonder Woman, and the glorious glory of Gail Simone’s arcs is now wearing off a bit and I’m starting to look at the things that I don’t like about them. But for all that, none of the writers so far (Jodi Picoult, Greg Rucka, Allan Heinberg, Kurt Busiek, Christoph Moeller) have done as good of a job with the character of Wonder Woman, and I can forgive some missed plot opportunities and ‘off-screen’ resolutions to things I would have liked to see close-up if it means I get a story about Wonder Woman. (Greg Rucka seems pretty great though.)

Thus I spent, like, eleven hours reading superhero comics more or less non-stop, ending with the behemothic Trinity, which was like reading a movie. I really liked how long it was, even if it took me until past 3 a.m. to finish it.

And it got me going back to a time in my life when, instead of trying to think of how best I could capitalise on a storytelling convention or subvert it for political purposes, I’d just fantasise about awesome stuff that I wanted to happen and then … and then whatever. A story wouldn’t always come out of it, but sometimes it would fit into a story I’d already got, and I like that approach to storytelling: seeing what you find and running with it rather than trying to make up something as though it were already completed.

Particularly in regard to superpowers. It’s so easy to pick the ‘best’ ones that already exist, the Flying Brick template for instance, toss in some telepathy and magic and … it just feels so uninteresting. And I seem to have a hard time thinking outside the box, outside of the videogame rules I’ve come to associate with powers of any kind.

So for my creative health, I think I’ll go take a bus-ride – I need to submit my application thingy for a uni paper anyway – and just let myself think of Awesome Stuff as it comes to me, and see where I get.

And then finish the other 3 comics I haven’t read yet, and start reading Tallulah so that I can make it even more Cool Stuff than it already is.


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