Forking it up

There. Have a pun.

A pun that will only make sense with this following paragraph to explain it: I’ve been rewriting chapter 4 of Tallulah quite heavily all day today, and I’m very happy with the results. It feels like the story that’s hidden under the surface of that murky, roiling, turgid first draft is finally rising to the surface and distinguishing itself from the swirling detritus. The only issue I’ve had is one of premonition, and that is that I may soon find myself at a point of divergence – a fork in the road, haha now it makes sense aren’t you glad I anyway – and what is intended to be a revision with an ‘as needed’ rewriting element will turn into a full-on rewrite from that point onwards.

Now, I do have four key points in the story that I’ve built this latest plan around, and they work. The whole road-map analogy is still working out, so even if there is a divergence point, it won’t be one that really diverges from those four key points, because even if I get there differently to how I’ve currently got it in mind that I’ll get there (and not in the very neat and tidy 5 chapters-per-key-point formula that I’ve structured this plan around for the sake of orderliness), they’re still the four key moments that make this story what it is. So, by that logic, I’m fine either way.

It’s just that the more that I uncover this clearer version of the story and put it into writing, the more the story in the first draft is erased, word by word. Which, as far as I’m concerned, is a good thing. I just fear that I’m not seeing the forest for the trees.

But maybe it’s that I’m finally seeing the forest, and also seeing that a lot of these trees are actually weeds and need to just kinda go. It feels like that, whatever my fears are. And I’m going to keep doing this anyway, wherever I do end up with it.

So actually … things are just going pretty damn well.


Haven’t done much on Mortal Foil, which I may just renamed Foiled, because it’s very slightly punny if I spin it the right way – but that’s fine. I’m back into Tallulah and I am more than happy for my energies to remain there. And the other project is always only a few clicks away if I do need a bit of a break.

I guess there’s not that much to report right now. Things is good. Not much else to it.

I guess that’s not so bad.

Maybe I’ll actually have to start thinking about what to write with future posts … that’ll be interesting …


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