Permission Slip

So, because I’m revising, I’m giving myself permission to draft chapters.

I’ll see how it goes. It may just end up clogging things up too much and preventing me from moving on as I look back at what I’ve done and think of all my awesome little details for hinting at continuity and stuff and entering into a never-ending process of ‘hey that would be cool if I put that in, let me just go back and …’

But if this is the big structural overhaul – and it is – then I may as well get the structure right, right?

That’s my justification and I’m sticking to it.

I’m doing a play reading tomorrow. It’s an interesting exercise; it’s not a full-blown play, just one performance, and we’ll have the scripts with us on-stage when we perform as well as only having three rehearsals, but it’s also full costume (I think) and we do the whole play from start to finish, to give an idea of what it could be like if it were staged and more fully developed. I’m doing this because I was asked to, basically, and also because I like the idea of being able to do some acting without having to sacrifice a whole week of evenings. Also the people involved are really cool. That helps.

And I may actually just be writing fanfiction as opposed to ‘something very close to fanfiction’. Not to publish. Just for equilibrium. But we’ll see how it goes. The problem for me is that I really like the ideas that I have for the fanfiction I want to write, and ideally I’d love to use them in an original story, but it just doesn’t make much sense without the context of the original.

Though having said that, this does present an exciting sort of challenge.

And I’m even looking forward to starting my next assignment. I made some rough preliminary notes today to get started, and I pretty much know what I’m going to be looking at already, so all I need to do is get it written.

And, like, I’m revising, guys. I’m actually doing it. It’s difficult and twisty and I don’t know if it’s going well or not, but it’s happening. I’m actually doing all of these things that I want to be doing.

More of that, please.


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