So I’ve got a post office visit to make on Friday, simply because I won’t have time to do it tomorrow, in order to pick up a text book for one of my courses that I decided to order online so as to save $30, which came with the downside of not having it to hand right away. As such I’m a little behind with some of the readings, but whatever. I’m still more onto it than I’ve ever been with my studies before.

It’s kind of lame knowing that I can’t continue revising Tallulah until at least Friday. Still haven’t made that plan I thought I’d make, because that also takes time. I’m so tired. Doing a show after a day of lectures (one of which I missed half of and the other I had to skip in order to watch Once Were Warriors for the first time for another paper) is laaaaaame. But at least I should sleep okay as a result.

But yeah. Having to wait sucks. Waiting itself is not so bad; it’s knowing that there really isn’t an alternative that’s the kicker. And it doesn’t help having the tension of ‘accountability day’ to look forward to, no I’m not ready for it, of course I’m not ready for it. But oh well. It’s just tutorials. It’s only 1%. And I’m sure I’ve already missed out on a mark or two.

I really want to write.

Instead, I shall try to sleep. Pretty much all I can do. For now, at least.


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