I have just finished combining chapters 1 and 2 into a single chapter, and making edits throughout.

I love it.

I decided that, actually, I may as well revise some of the writing as I go – so going totally against my Prime Directive of waiting until the next or even the final pass to touch things up, yes. But this isn’t for cosmetic reasons; this is to make things sounds less ‘telly’, for lack of a better word. I felt like the writing was so indecisive last night as I was reading back over it, like I had no idea what I was talking about – and I realised that, actually, I didn’t, and that’s why it reads like that. I wrote that first draft by basically jotting down any thought that came into my head, including how characters reacted to things that were going on. I wrote indecisively because I was not clear about what the story was.

And I am now. Well, I still don’t have that overarching, finalised vision of what the story will look like, but I know what it sounds like; I know its voice, and everything that I rewrote I did in order to start off this revision the way I intend to finish it. The time for experimenting is over, at least in terms of just dumping whatever idea comes to mind as I’m writing, because I’m not ‘writing’ now. I’m revising. Obviously I am writing in literal terms: I wrote quite a considerable amount of new words this evening, but I also left a lot of old ones in, because they were fine the way they were. They fitted the voice of this story, and that’s Tallulah’s (third person subjective limited) voice, and that’s the voice I want to use for the rest of this revision, and for this story to be told in all throughout.

And it does feel good to get back into it – but it also feels like I never stopped. And I guess I haven’t. I haven’t really taken a break from Tallulah since I started writing it, and it’s been over a year and a half now. But I’m still enjoying it.

Now to work out how I’m going to manage this while also working on an assignment, while also studying, while also having either rehearsals or show nights every night until next Sunday, starting tomorrow.

Should be fun to find out.


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