I Have a Plan

I am going to revise chapters 1-5 over the next three weeks. By that time it will be the end of the first half of the semester, and I’ll be on a 2-week break from lectures and tutorials. After these first five chapters are revised (I chose these chapters because I do actually have a fairly clear idea of what I want to change about them), I will see how I feel about the direction it’s going in, makes some notes to get my head clear, panic, wish I’d never started writing the bloody thing to begin with because it’s brought me nothing but frustration and self-doubt, and draft up seven different versions of how the story could go.

And then I’ll keep revising.

I don’t have a cohesive plan. I don’t have a full and complete vision of what I want this story to be by the end. I just have a feeling. This story gives me a feeling that no other story I’ve tried to tell has ever given me. That is its voice. This story has its own voice that I want people to hear. That’s all I’ve got to go on.

It might be enough.

There’s only one way to find out.


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