Almost there (for the umpteenth time)

It’s just circles and circles and circles again.

But this one will then be followed by beginning revision! Or continued drafting! I’m not sure which one to call it anymore; it’s starting to feel more like it’ll be a draft than just a revision. And Draft 2 just has a very official vibe to it. So all right, I’ll go with that, until I change my mind yet again …

I made quite a big decision regarding a change in tone, which I liked, but it’s thrown everything out of whack. This ‘final stretch’, which has been going on for like 4 months, has me nitpicking at all of my continuity errors – which is good in a sense, because continuity is kind of a big deal. I guess I just have to make a decision and see how it plays out.

And … I made it … and it’s one that I’ve come up with like seven times before already … and it worked fine then and it works fine now and how long will it be until I have to re-remember it again …

I wonder if this is just some kind of existential rite of passage for starting a second draft, having to relive all of your executive decisions made as a storyteller, having your first draft’s life flash before your eyes, before you can actually get started with the next one. Running through all the operations, checking that everything’s still functional before reincarnating.

It’s almost there. It’s almost ready. Whatever this is, a rite of passage, a mental backlog that needs sorting through, my brain’s way of causing me to not make progress – or forcing me to be a bit more systematic about it – I just have to keep going through it until it’s done.


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