Just do it

My plan for tomorrow re First Revision.

Because this whole Interview thing has its own pros and cons; my plans turn into conversations and I get derailed and can’t actually remember what I ended up deciding to do for a particular chapter because the discussion about it raises points and then neglects to tie them off before moving on to the next one – and …

Ick. I should just go back and tidy it up, shouldn’t I?

Because it is working. It’s giving me the stuff that I need to make this story feel more coherent, even if the notes themselves are not coherent. The idea of doing a ‘translation’ of these notes into a summary does kind of drive me insane, but if it results in a clear and coherent plan then I’d say it’s worth it. Something to keep me from just making myself start revising with no definite direction and then no way to get myself back on-track if I veer off-course.

My goal was to start First Revision tomorrow evening, and depending on how I go I may still be able to manage it. At the very least I’ll finish my super-messy Interview, just because it’s so generative, and then while I’m revising I’ll just refer back to that and deal with the mess. Or, of course, I’ll just start revision a few days later than I’d hoped. But I have no more films to see at the festival, and I probably won’t have rehearsal until like next Monday (although I may be obliged to go help with pack-in at some point), so I do have a fair bit of free time to work with now. And then the week after that is show week, and also the week before my first assignment is due. Yay …

It’ll take some gymnastics on my part, I’ll grant you. And a lot of stop-starting. So, actually …

Yeah, I’ll make the plan. Because I’ll probably have to stop revising while I’m working on assignments and such. Which I also want to work out my schedule for a little better; I’m sure I can have it so that I’m not relying on handing everything in on by the due date. I’m sure I can send some things in early. But that’s still going to be stop-starting, so having a really clear plan in lieu of momentum to rely on is probably a smart thing to do.

And then my first ever second draft/first revision shall begin! I’m starting to look forward to it again.


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