Buzzfed (inspired by the creepy mechanical buzzing noise coming from somewhere in the ceiling of the library while I try to study)

Surround sound, at the library’s topmost plateau, imperfectly-sealed windowpanes causing splitting and spraying to enclose me closely in the afterbirth of an onslaught of tidal soundwaves.

Wind … buzzing.


That doesn’t sound right. Wind doesn’t buzz.


Okay, maybe it does.

But no. There must be a mechanical malfunction lending its voice to the discussion this afternoon. Some wind –

Buzzz …

… some wind must have been diverted through a broken fan or something. But why put fans on the outside of the building? Where would they blow to? Doesn’t that kind of defeat the whole purpose?

buzzzZZZZZzzzz …

Then again, if instead it is some sort of primal proto-windchime stuck in the guttering, through which the wind is so hideously fluttering – or tangled leaves muttering; a chainsaw spluttering.

A chainsaw in the roof of the library.

I mean I wouldn’t be surprised. Libraries are so good at containing; it makes sense that books would soon find tangential company for keeps.

Perhaps it’s a warning.

Not for me. Not for us.

There’s quite a few of us here.

What warning are we not receiving or meant to heed?


The suspense is killing me.

What’s out the window? Other than this noisome wind.

Trees, buildings, rooftops – the ocean past the quay, and heavy, misty clouds drooping above, on the very edge of spilling their guts back down into the murky green water that they were plucked from …

What’s that shadow?

buzZZZZ …

Not the clouds; it’s too cloudy for clouds to cast a shadow …

… it’s below the surface.

Perhaps it’s just a trench beneath the surface. Though I’m sure I would have noticed that before –

It’s moving.


Towards …


“Attention: the library will be closing in five minutes. A legion of Deep Ones will soon be arriving to assault the premises, devouring every living being inside for the glory of R’lyeh, where dead Cthulhu waits dreaming, and reducing what few survivors remain to gibbering imbeciles. Please check out any books you want to borrow at the main desk, and exit the building. Cthulhu fhtagn; have a nice day.”

… bummer.

I was so close to being ahead with readings.

Nah, I’ve got time to finish this tutorial worksheet …


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