Putting it out there

Given that I have had these monumental, potentially world-changing ideas over the past 24  hours regarding my book, and given that they have been distracting me from writing my proposal for draft 2 in the clearest of mindsets, I took it upon myself to write down a couple of scenes that I was toying with the idea of, as I couldn’t find an effective way to set them aside for later.

The first was the one I mentioned in my last post, and it was really helpful, because it externalised my idea and gave it a receptacle to be stored in, ready for access should I need it again in the future – and more importantly, helped me to see some of its limitations. I think that regarding that revelation I had, it could definitely be useful, but most useful in a far smaller capacity than I had thought about using it for. Which is nice, because again, I really am fond of what I’ve come up with.

I also learnt how to light a coal fire while writing it. Being a writer can make you learn things, whether you want to or not.

The second one …

I mean I’m glad that I wrote it. It’s a big dramatic scene, and I’m both a writer and an actor. I love me some drama, is what I’m saying. Also the scene ends with the main ‘actors’ surrounded by a captive audience for the climax of the piece. I guess the iconography of the open stage and an enraptured audience is just very therapeutic for me or something. I would never have it happen that way if I put it into the book.

But it exemplifies one of the core issues with the story right now, and that is that some of the stuff that happens in it, while I really like it, just doesn’t fit with the story. And this scene in particular, because unlike all of the chapters in the draft, it actually could have happened without Tallulah even being there to begin with. So if I ever do decide to use that scene in the final draft, that will have to change, somehow.

And also I ended up writing about things that I just don’t have enough understanding of to write respectfully about, so that will have to be changed as well if I ever consider making this thing canon.

But it was helpful, even if just to get it out of my head so that it wasn’t distracting me from writing my draft 2 proposal. And it helped me realised that my draft 2 proposal was getting away from me, that I was not just introducing new things when I said I wouldn’t, but I was just making really sweeping changes to the stuff that already happens. So tomorrow I’ll go back and make a more conservative proposal, and build up from there until I’ve got something that I like the feel of.

I’ve realised that not only should I use what I’ve already got to plan out draft 2, but that I want to use it, because flawed as it may be, I’m really fond of it. That fondness is going to get me into trouble one day soon, I can feel it, but that’s a bridge I can cross when I get to it. For now, I’ll just try and enjoy the ride. Or something. Some sort of car-related analogy.

Speaking of which, I should probably really get onto getting my full driver’s license. I’ve had a learner’s for four years. I mean I have no occasion to drive anywhere, ever, but one day I probably will.

Aaanyway. Whether or not I ever use these two scenes I wrote today, it felt so good to write something new story-wise after … I don’t even want to think how long. Something new for Tallulah in particular, for what I’m actually working on right now; I have written some other stuff, but not finished it. These two scenes I wrapped up in one sitting, and I’ve clocked about 4k words for the day as a result, as well as gotten my head straight and worked out a plan for writing up proposals for draft 2. So I’m pretty happy with that.

Tomorrow I may also write that list of things I want to happen in the story, just to get that out of my system as well. And then build from the ground-up, and go slowly, make sure I’m placing all of my bricks correctly and that I’ve got a matching number of nuts and bolts and whatnot.

Yes, I’m going to build a cabinet tomorrow. I look forward to having nowhere in my room, or even the house, to put it. The writing can wait until this highly essential task is complete.

Man, I may have woken up at 3:30pm today (which is very, very sad), but I obviously need to go to sleep. That last scene I wrote was really heavy, though, so I’ll try and do something light to counter it before I let myself go into the vulnerable and emotionally-charged sleep-zone.

Solving writing problems with writing is pretty cool.


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