Ten out of ten

I read ten chapters today, which at one point I didn’t think I’d be able to manage, and made summary notes on them. I also started a new document specifically devoted to the task of nutting out a series of changes that I want to implement within a series of chapters. Overall, I feel pretty freaking good.

The day started slow, because I got a bit too caught-up in all the changes I was going to make again, but I eventually managed to pull back and refocus on reading fast and just making broad notes. I’ve also identified major turning-points in the story, which makes it easier to divide it into sections – the first third and then the halfway point are the two big ones, and now I’ve read up to the end of the second third. The first third feels decent. The halfway point would actually be nice to have as the end of the first third, but oh well, that’s all stuff for later – having the sections there means that it’ll be easier to do once I do get around to that sort of stuff.

Today just felt good, because I set myself a goal – to get through ten chapters – and I actually stuck with it and got it done. I didn’t do anything else all day, except watch a few YouTube videos, but that just means it was an average day for me, only my ratio of YouTube-to-Writing was swapped around. It feels really, really good to be productive, and to actually stick to a plan and see it through to completion, though I’m also glad that tomorrow is the last day of this particular initiative. Then it’s on to writing up that master list of beta feedback – and then I will actually write out a list of all the ideas that I want to put into the story, whether I know how they’ll fit together or not. And that will serve as the basis for draft 2, which I will start writing by July 1 at the latest.

I still have to sort out university stuff; I get the feeling that I might actually not be able to get a student loan, which means I would have no way of paying for the courses I want to take, but I don’t just want to assume. 14 days is not very long to get all of this stuff sorted out, but it’s more than 13 days, so I’d better get cracking.

I just feel really good about today. So good, in fact, that I’m actually looking forward to going to sleep. I was looking forward to going to sleep last night as well, but left it too late. Not doing that tonight. Lesson learnt.

It’s going well. It hasn’t gone this well for some time. I think this story might actually just make it.


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