Fitting In

I gotta call this. I haven’t finished the revision, and I haven’t gotten the full picture yet of what the story is that I’ve written in order to form a picture of the story that I want to tell, but I gotta call this.

I’ve got to cut a character.

She just doesn’t fit. She’s interesting to me; she presents interesting opportunities to me, but in order to adequately focus on them it seems that I’d have to cut into the time that other characters, who also interest me, need. She also kind of overlaps with two other characters, perhaps three, and it gets to a point where, just to follow the rule of the conservation of storytelling or whatever it is, if I don’t get rid of someone then someone is going to be pretty superfluous in this story. And I don’t want anybody to be superfluous in my story.

It could be that they belong in a different story, I suppose. They do fit in this story, but this story, as it currently is, is not the story I want to have told when all is said and done. The story that I want to tell has a much smaller role for this person.

There is the possibility that this character could end up just being a ‘flavour’ character, because in a sense she only exists to provide some context for another character. And I don’t mind that so much, to be honest. But she’s just go so much potential to do something important, which is what she currently does, even if the execution is, from a narrative standpoint, absolutely atrocious, this being a first draft and all. I wasn’t expecting anything else. The point is that I just can’t see where she fits in – and I’m worried that she might not fit in at all, might actually get in the way of the story that I want to tell.

But I suppose, in order to know that, I’d have to see how the story that I want to tell plays out with her in it. She’s one of those characters I occasionally hear about writers coming across who just pops up and won’t leave you alone, insisting on being noticed. And it’s ruining all of my plans.

And it’s not like she couldn’t fit. In fact she could fit very well. I would have to offset it somehow with certain other characters is all, and I’m not sure that I’m happy doing that, because it could well mean that they end up vanishing from the story altogether.


I mean I could keep her in and just swap her role with this other character, and then make his role different, but still utilising what I’ve written for him to some extent; that seems like the most obvious answer. And there’s another character I could do that with, too, but the resolution in that situation is far less clear …

Yes, I know, finish the revision first. And I will.

Dealing with this in the meantime, however, is what requires my current attention, because it’s driving me insane.

I mean if I …

Ugh. I don’t know.

I don’t know.


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