And now I’m in a pickle.

On the one hand: the posts I’ve written that include spoilers are mostly fairly easy fixes. There is one – one of the most recent ones I’ve written – that is not an easy fix, though, because the spoilers basically constitute the entire post. And having bits of my story out in the open like this means that, if somebody was so inclined, they could steal them. So I have a very strong compulsion to want to do away with all of these spoilers.

On the other hand: since it’s already out there, if somebody has decided that my ideas are the ones that they want to poach – maybe it’s better to leave this stuff exactly as it is, just in case I need to bring it up in court one day …


I guess that was always going to a danger with this blog; I’m writing about my experiences of writing, and sometimes my experiences, the ones that I want to share with people, pertain to things that I maybe shouldn’t be saying on a public forum like a blog, no matter how badly I want to share the experience. I get it now, though. A little late, sure, and there’s so much I wish I hadn’t done – but oh well.

I guess the other option is to make these posts private and, if not kill two birds with one stone, then at least severely injure them. If they’re private then at least they’re still there as evidence if I need them, which I desperately hope I never do, and perhaps I can post up edited versions of them in order to get across the message I wanted to get across without spoilers. It also means that any newcomers to this blog won’t have everything spoilt for them, or have the potential to spoil it for me.


Well, lesson learnt. I shall think before I publish from now on.

Here’s hoping privacy still means something on the blogosphere …


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