Much of a good thing

Too … many … options …!

I just finished another chapter revision, and the signs are pointing me in the direction of making a pretty big change in terms of one of the characters. In that they do not die in the current draft. But I … I just …

It just feels like they should …

I have all of these horrible, poetic, ironic implications that concern their death as pertains to Tallulah …

And I just …

I just want to do it.

I just want to make it so.

All right. I’ll do it. That character is so dead.



I’m not changing my mind like I thought I would …

Ah, there we go; back to the options menu!

I love having options, and I hate having options, because at some point I’ll have to settle on one. It’s such a drag.

Without this drastic change, though, the chapter I just revised serves next to no purpose in the story whatsoever. Yay.

There’s good stuff in it. There’s a big confrontation and it feels horrible and painful and awkward and that’s good, that’s how I like my confrontations – but it just doesn’t matter. It’s fun to read on its own, but it’s not on its own; it’s part of the overall story and it just doesn’t … do anything.

Maybe other people will think differently, and I know I am not in the most critical mindset tonight, as today has been frustrating, simply because I don’t feel like I got anything done – or didn’t until I finished that chapter. Gonna power through the rest of them over the next few days. I feel like I can finish it on the 26th, spend my birthday reading feedback, and then get straight to making a plan of attack for draft 2. Which I hope will be really fun and hectic and challenging in all the right ways.

And that’s about it, really.

Thank Odin for tangential notes …


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